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Dear Support,

I'm using Exchange server for mail connectivity. Telnet and other 3rd part tools for SMTP is working fine. This is my function update query for mail configuration

UPDATE `kaldin`.`email_settings` SET
`host` = "mailserver.local",
`port` = "25", 
`mail_from` = "noreply@mailserver.local",
`user_name` = "noreply@mailserver.local", 
`password` = "password",
`auth_flag` = 1,
`contype` = "SSL/TLS";
But it;s not working on Kaldin side. I can't find any issues or exceptions. Seems it okay but I'm not receiving mail. Same configurations works on SMTP Prober tool. But Kaldin don't want to work. Please help

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Do you have any suggestion?